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🚨购前须知 Must-Know Information Before Purchasing


  1. 课程适配性:确认您已经观看过我们在YouTube频道上的课程,并认为课程内容及难度水平适合您的学习需求。
  2. 自我管理能力:确保您已满18岁,具备为自己设定学习目标和合理安排学习时间的能力。
  3. 购买政策理解:您已经阅读并理解了购买须知,包括如何【取消循环支付】和【退款协议的具体条款】,确保您的购买决策是基于理性考虑,而非冲动消费。


The official membership of the 每日中文课 website is best suited for intermediate and advanced learners who are at HSK level 3 or above. Before deciding to join the official membership, please use the following checklist to assess your learning situation:

1. You have watched courses on the Daily Chinese Lesson’s YouTube channel and found the content and difficulty level to be appropriate for you.
2. You are over 18 years old, capable of setting your own learning goals, and arranging a reasonable study schedule.
3. You have read the purchase instructions, understand the specifics of how to cancel recurring payments, and the refund agreement, ensuring your purchase decision is rational rather than impulsive.

Use keywords to find courses that align with your interests or goals on our platform designed specifically for learners at your level.


Yes, you can. To avoid system errors, please ensure to stop the recurring payment 48 hours after the payment is successfully made



It’s important to understand that stopping recurring payments does not equate to a refund for payments already made. It simply means that no further charges will be applied to your account moving forward.



  1. 重复购买:如果您不小心重复购买了相同的课程,我们将退还其中一个课程的费用。请您在发现重复购买后的7个工作日内联系我们的客服团队,我们将尽快为您办理退款。help@free-to-learn-chinese.com

  2. 个人电脑操作问题:如果因为您的个人电脑操作问题导致购买错误或者其他问题,我们将不予以退款。请您在购买课程前仔细核对信息,并确保电脑系统及网络状况良好。

  3. 购买后改变想法:购买课程后,如因个人原因改变主意,我们恕不办理退款。请您在购买前充分了解课程内容和要求,确保所选课程符合您的需求和兴趣。

Course Refund Policy

Dear customers, please carefully read our course refund policy. We offer refunds under certain specific conditions:

  1. Duplicate Purchase: If you accidentally purchase the same course twice, we will refund the cost of one of the courses. Please contact our customer support team within 7 business days of discovering the duplicate purchase, and we will process the refund as soon as possible. help@free-to-learn-chinese.com [每日中文课 Help-center]

  2. Personal Computer Operation Issues: If the purchase error or other issues arise due to your personal computer operation, we will not issue a refund. Please double-check the information before purchasing the course and ensure your computer system and internet connection are in good condition.

  3. Change of Mind after Purchase: We regret that we cannot process refunds if you change your mind after purchasing the course for personal reasons. Before making a purchase, please ensure you fully understand the course content and requirements and that the chosen course aligns with your needs and interests.


Among our extensive library of over 600 lessons, while some are accessible on YouTube, becoming a member unlocks special, members-only content, offering you an exclusive and enriched learning experience.

回答:我们的官网课程每周会更新三节视频课程,同时更新1节口语俱乐部活动。所以总共每周会有4次课程更新。On our official website, we update our course offerings with three new video lessons every week. In addition, we also update one session of our Speaking Club activity weekly. This means there are a total of four course updates each week, providing a consistent and dynamic learning experience for our users.

不一样。 官网会员和YouTube会员确实有所不同。这两种会员属于不同的平台,官网会员比YouTube会员享有更多优势。











Reply: They are not the same.

The Official Website Membership and YouTube Membership indeed differ. These memberships belong to different platforms, with the Official Website Membership offering more advantages than the YouTube Membership.

Official Website Membership Privileges:

✅ Weekly New Lessons: Three new lessons each week.

✅ Weekly Online Speaking Club: Participate in online speaking club activities once a week.

✅ Access to Extensive Resources: Over 600 eBooks and exclusive lessons.

✅ New Features: Access NEW features, such as the AI Teacher, exclusively available to Official Website members.

YouTube Membership Benefits:

🚀 Access to all eBooks available on our YouTube channel.

🚀 Free participation in our online speaking club (note: this is a limited-time offer).

🚀 YouTube members get early access to certain courses on our YouTube channel, but less than what is available to Official Website members.

Overall, the Official Website Membership provides a more comprehensive learning experience, including all content available to YouTube members and more.