第1步 填写申请表

Step 1: Fill out the application form

第2步 用AI中文老师准备话题

Step 2: Prepare the topic using the AI Chinese teacher

第3步 点击Reply进行口语练习 - 你感兴趣的任何话题

Step 3: Click 'Reply' to practice speaking on any topic of your interest.



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如果你总是希望等准备好了再开始做某件事,那么“还没准备好” 将成为你前进路上的最大阻碍。我们可以在实践中接近完美,但无法先得到完美再开始! 🧠🔥 流利表达=大量实战经验 + 接受不可控 + 接纳不确定 + 容忍不完美 If you always wait to be fully prepared before starting something, the phrases "I'm not ready yet" will become the greatest barriers on your path forward. STOP waiting until you feel 100% ready. STOP tying to wait for the “perfect” moment because it doesn’t exist! 🧠🔥 Fluency=A lot of speaking experience + Acceptance of Uncontrollability + Acceptance of Uncertainty + Acceptance of Imperfection


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口语俱乐部 Chinese Speaking Club

Frequently Asked Questions 常见问题


The Speaking Club, also known as the Fluency Club, is a weekly event where our members can practice their Chinese speaking skills in a friendly and supportive environment. It’s a great opportunity to interact with other learners, share experiences, and get feedback from our professional teachers. The club typically meets on Mondays from 9 PM to 10 PM China Time. Each session has a specific topic, which is announced on our website every Wednesday.

Chinese Speaking Club





The Speaking Club participation requirements vary depending on the discussion group:

HSK3 Level Group: This is suitable for learners who are not yet very confident in their Chinese speaking and listening skills. In this group, the teacher uses simple and clear expressions to facilitate smooth Chinese conversations.

HSK5 Level Group: This group is suited for those who can handle most daily conversations in Chinese but want to express their views and ideas clearly and fluently in complex topics and work-related scenarios. In this group, the teacher starts with simple questions and gradually increases the difficulty, providing guidance on vocabulary and expression techniques.

The choice of which group to join depends on your level of Chinese proficiency and your learning goals. If you are unsure about your level, you can try joining a group to see if it fits, or consult our teachers for more specific advice.


On the thumbnail of each event, you can see the date and time of the Speaking Club.




  1. 等待我们的邮件:我们会定期向您发送口语俱乐部的活动通知。这些通知将包含活动的日期、时间以及主题。

  2. 查看邮件并报名:当您收到通知邮件后,邮件中会有一个报名链接。点击链接并填写报名表格,我们的团队将在48小时内确认您的申请。

  3. 收到确认邮件:一旦您的报名获得批准,您将收到一封确认电子邮件,以及活动的Zoom链接。



Great, you’ve completed the first step! Here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Wait for our emails: We will regularly send you notifications about the Speaking Club activities. These notifications will include the date, time, and topic of the activities.

  2. Check the email and sign up: Once you receive the notification email, there will be a registration link in the email. Click on the link and fill out the registration form, our team will confirm your application within 48 hours.

  3. Receive the confirmation email: Once your registration is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and the Zoom link for the event.

Please note: To ensure priority processing, please correctly fill in the email you registered with as a member. Also, check the timing of the event before participating.

We look forward to your participation!



The Speaking Club usually takes place every Monday from 9 pm to 10 pm (China Time). However, the specific time may vary depending on holidays or special circumstances. We recommend that you regularly check our official website for the latest Speaking Club schedule. 

答案:免费试听通道已关闭。The free trial access has been closed.


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